Blackpool Ex Service secret accounts

Secret Accounts of the FESLC

In a reply from the Council Leader, Councillor Simon Blackburn, he said that he has the utmost confidence in  the FESLC.  I was going to wait until after inquiries from the Charities and RBL, but this farce has been going on for too long.
In this recording you will hear the late Cllr Jim Houldsworth talk about secret accounts, lottery monies that are not accountable, illegal collections endorsed by the treasurer.  There is but one dissenting voice and his was silenced eventually as he had approached the then leader of the council, Cllr Peter Callow, who acted swiftly and appropriately, but who did not go far enough and whom ought to have stripped this illegal body of the powers that are held by the Council.  You will also hear him say  "if it gets out of this room..."
You would have thought that that statement ought to have been sufficient for at least one person present, a JP no less, to say that the conduct was illegal and therefore jeopardised his standing in the community, but as it was a secret meeting and he thought perhaps that he would be immune to criticism, he stayed with his cabal friends and took full participation in discussing probable illegal activities.
Where are the minutes for this meeting?
Where are the forensic accounts for the FESLC?

Where is the accountability from the "democratic" ex service associations who cannot vote or discuss matters they have no knowledge of?

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